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Optimize, protect, and reduce infrastructure costs by utilizing our team of experts to improve your existing cloud deployments to solutions like AWS, Azure, GCP, and more!

Our Services

At Calculated Cloud, it’s our mission to save your organization from expensive cloud infrastructure costs. Our team of experts is comprised of certified cloud architects and DevSecOps professionals who work with your existing cloud deployment.We pride ourselves in taking a hands-on approach from start to finish and evaluate more than just production environments. We focus on improving cloud deployments throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Our work will decrease your development time while increasing developer productivity, efficiency, and application performance.

Expert support

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to improve existing deployments and reduce wasted costs. We jump right in and can understand your unique environment quickly and efficiently.

Flexible and Easy

We take the time to understand your unique application lifecycle and offer creative solutions to save money while streamlining your environment to operate more efficiently. Our solutions solve your specific needs based on your unique circumstances and requirements.

Reduction of Costs

Our extensive experience working with clients for cost optimization provides us the ability to understand areas to look at and how to adjust them in order to provide optimal cost reduction.

About Us

At Calculated Cloud, our mission is to come alongside your engineering teams and take a deep dive into your existing cloud configuration to optimize and reduce expensive costs related to cloud infrastructure.Our team of experts strategize to create the ultimate plan for cost optimization while maintaining your business’ performance.We are innovative in approach, our service will elevate your business and set you ahead of the competition.

We don’ t believe in a one size fits all approach and take the time to understand the nuances of your business to provide the best solution.We’ ll be alongside you every step of the way in your deployment to answer questions, solve problems while reducing cost, and creating immense value for your organization.

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